7 Videos Pharma Doesn’t Want You to See

Are medications helping or hindering?  Mental health drugs can help in the the short term but do they do more harm than good in the long term?  Dr. Julia Rucklidge shares her research on this groundbreaking TED talk entitled: Nutrition & Mental Health: What’s the Evidence?

NewsHub New Zealand Reports: Micronutrients Research for pediatric ADHD

Dr. Scott Shannon, integrative psychiatrist explains his experience using micronutrients to treat mood and mental health.

Vaxxed is a controversial documentary highlighting the cover-up that took place at the CDC when it was discovered that vaccines and increased autism rates are linked.

This $44 micronutrient formulation has been clinically proven to reduce stress and safe and effectively treat insomnia.

Micronutrients have been proven in over 30 independent university medical journal publications to effectively reduce symptoms of mood and mental health disorders.

Kathy Ireland of Modern Living TV sits down with micronutrient formulator and founder of Hardy Nutritionals® David Hardy to discuss the global impact micronutrients are having on the mental health crisis.

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