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We are living in a world filled with toxicity, yet remain committed to natural health and wellness. When deciding which brands to bring into their lives, our audience has to ask themselves…


Aren’t there holistic alternatives that actually work?


YES. And we shine a spotlight on them.


At Modishli, we believe in research, truth, and good work. We share important information about natural health products to help our audience make informed decisions about products they’ll love.


To our audience, it’s not about showing up perfect. It’s about getting better every day.


With a reach of over 5 million holistically-minded women in the United States, GBN readers believe in the products we partner with.

We squash any uncertainties about taking a holistic approach with science, testimonials, and amazing digital content. That’s what makes GBN one of the strongest brands to partner with in the US.

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Striving to live better.
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Welcome to modishli
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Modernly Holistic

Our Unique Approach

You know those big lifestyle blogs, such as MindBodyGreen or Natural Health Magazine?


We consistently reach their readers, for a fraction of the cost.


How do we do it?


It’s simple. Through years of advertising natural products, we’ve built a robust audience of millions of women in the U.S. who are holistically-minded.


When you work with us, you’re getting so much more than a mention on social media and a blog post.


Modishli takes it to the next level.


We create engaging content and put it in front of your consumers both on and off social media.


We already have your customers captive, they are just waiting to hear about your brand.

"Get Balanced Naturally's approach to social media changed my company's digital presence completely. We are looking forward to many more campaigns together."
Hardy Nutritionals Marketing Director

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