Alternative ADHD Treatment Proven Effective:

A mix of vitamins and minerals could replace Ritalin as the best
option to treat children with ADHD.

Medical trials have proven so successful that parents are flocking to purchase microntrients from Hardy Nutritionals.  “It actually really helps calm me down…” says Zandah, age 13.  It’s all natural, packed with vitamins and minerals.  Hardy Nutritionals’ Daily Essential Nutrients is the most researched* micronutrients in the world–they have been the subject of many studies and publications, including a recent double blind placebo-controlled trial for ADHD.  These micronutrients are gaining worldwide attention because they help patients “[Get] back to basics…getting away from the one magic pill.”  Watch the video above for the full report.

Another Mom Who Uses Micronutrients With Her Son
Another Mom Who Uses Micronutrients With Her Son Shares Her Experience
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Moms Who Use Micronutrients

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  1. Lynda Toczynski says:

    My 10 year old has ADHD with insomnia and nervous ticks so cannot take stimulant medications. This would work wonders on him as it would not bring out the ticks.

    1. You can learn more at

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