American Psychiatric Association Symposium Features Micronutrient Treatments

Nutritional psychiatry was the topic of a three-hour symposium, “Mineral-Vitamin Combinations as Primary Treatment of Psychiatric Symptoms” at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting in Toronto, Canada on May 20, 2015 and was a featured topic at the 2016 American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

“There is more published and ongoing research on Hardy’s micronutrient formulas for mental health than on any other complex formula anywhere in the world.”


Nutritional psychiatry was the topic of a three-hour symposium, “Mineral-Vitamin Combinations as Primary Treatment of Psychiatric Symptoms” at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting in Toronto, Canada on May 20, 2015.

Charles Popper, M.D.
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Dr. Charles Popper is a Harvard Medical School child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist.

Barbara L. Gracious, M.D.

Dr. Gracious serves Ohio State University as the Department of Psychiatry Jefferey Research Fellow in the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice.

Bonnie Kaplan, Ph.D.
bonnie kaplan, micronutrients, hardy nutritionals, daily essential nutrients

Bonnie Kaplan is a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Calgary, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Julia Rucklidge, Ph.D.

Dr. Rucklidge is a Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.


Dare To Compare: Multi-Vitamins vs. Micronutrients

Why does it matter which vitamin is better?  Vitamin and mineral supplements are all the same, right?  These days, if a company is selling vitamins, the chances that they are seen as a scam is about 99 out of 100. A crop of multi-level marketing companies claiming to cure everything from stress to mood instability have popped up seemingly in every major metropolitan area.hardy nutritionals, daily essential nutrients

But before you write off vitamins and mineral supplements completely, and swear to increase your raw veggie intake, consider the following:

Studies on micronutrients coming out of Harvard, The University of Christchurch New Zealand, Ohio State University, and others are all in agreement:  While vitamins and minerals may reduce the symptoms of mood instability and stress, micronutrient supplements far and away surpass the benefits of standard multi-vitamin and mineral supplements.

In a study released in 2012 following a 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, researchers randomized 91 earthquake survivors to take one of two vitamin-mineral formulas (Berocca Performance™ or a predecessor formulation of the micronutrient-based Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients). Then they measured symptoms of situation-induced depression, anxiety, and stress in these individuals, as well as 25 additional people who took no supplement (a control group).

After 4 weeks, 20% of the control group, 43% of the Berocca Performance™ group, and 74% of the group taking the Hardy’s micronutrient formulation showed significant improvement in depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms. Researchers concluded that “this study supports micronutrients as an inexpensive and practical treatment for acute stress following a natural disaster, with a slight advantage to higher doses.”  The company does make a standard dose (Daily Self Defense) and a clinical dose (Daily Essential Nutrients) of their micronutrient formulations.

What’s more, the American Psychiatric Association made Nutritional Psychiatry the topic their May 20, 2015 symposium, “Mineral-Vitamin Combinations as Primary Treatment of Psychiatric Symptoms” at their annual meeting in Toronto, Canada. This kind of symposium at American Psychiatric Association annual meetings is “intended to highlight important new advances occurring in the field of psychiatry”.

It seems noteworthy to me that the American Psychiatric Association is spending their annual time together in 2015 to discuss micronutrients as an alternative, effective treatment for mental illness and mood instability.  Four physicians with extensive experience in researching pediatric psychiatry as well as acute mental illness have been asked to discuss their findings with the attendees at the symposium, citing over 26 independent research publications in medical journals worldwide.

One such researched formulation, the Hardy Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrient supplement discussed above, has been assisting those with clinical depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and other mood disorders for over 20 years.  The company’s founder, David Hardy operates a small, family-owned business in Canada called “Hardy Nutritionals”, where their newly hashtagged motto is “Get Hardy”.  The company has never before done any outward marketing, sticking to word of mouth and the support of referring physicians to grow steadily but slowly over two decades.  The Hardy family and their few employees are a happy mixture of scientists and researchers

“It feels good to finally get noticed,” says longtime CFO Cory Rasmussen, one of the company’s biggest cheerleaders. “We have been helping people avoid a lifetime of dependency on psychotropic medications for over two decades.  It’s nice to see prominent research physicians around the world taking notice.”

In this day and age when snakeoil salesmen seemingly slither around every corner, it is imperative that we know where our products come from, what they are made of, and what they will do to us when we use them.

Studies show micronutrient supplements like Daily Essential Nutrients and Daily Self Defense provide the solid nutritional foundation your brain and body need to perform optimally.  The idea is, rather than bombarding the system with chemicals that may or may not be lacking in each individual nervous system, micronutrients provide the body’s systems with the building blocks it needs to repair itself.  This may seem extraordinary, but the science behind it it is really quite simple.

For instance, if you have mild depression or PMDD for instance, you may be interested in taking a supplement containing 5-HTP.  However, if in fact your system does not need more 5-HTP, it may burn out your receptors and cause something dangerous called serotonin syndrome.  The Daily Essential Nutrients approach provides your body with the precursors to 5-HTP, allowing the body to naturally generate the amount of 5-HTP it needs–essentially providing the brain with the necessary ingredients for optimal mental balance.

So before you write off vitamins for mood, consider using micronutrients like Daily Essential Nutrients for mental health or Daily Self Defense for mood optimization in place of other “stress reducers”.  At the very least, you’ll be providing your body with 40 essential nutrients, most at levels surpassing the daily value requirements put out by the FDA. But remember, these aren’t your “typical” multi-vitamin supplements. Those nutrients you’re getting have been ground down to miniscule size for maximum absorption and balanced for peak physical and mental performance.

It’s no wonder psychiatrists are taking notice of Hardy Nutritionals and their micronutrient formulations*.  A BMC Psychiatry publication noted that there is “more published and ongoing research on [this] formula for mental health than on any other complex formula anywhere in the world.” Hardy Nutritionals works with medical practitioners worldwide to provide alternative treatments for hard-to-treat patients.

 For those who suffer from mild depression, occasional mood swings or stress induced anxiety, Hardy Nutritionals also offers a less potent version of their clinically studied formula.  It’s called Daily Self Defense and when compared to popular multi-vitamin supplements, it comes out the clear winner.  If clinical strength nutrients are not necessary, Daily Self Defense provides the same well-rounded, absorbable nutrition at lower levels.

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