Black Dog Named Depression

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Black Dog Named Depression

This video is a great way to understand depression and the way it can affect lives.  Does your depression follow you around the way a stray dog can follow you around?  Imagine if that dog followed you everywhere, and never let you enjoy your life.  Akin to having a rain cloud of depression over your head, the black dog of depression is a foreboding figure that many can relate to.   Though we at Get Balanced Naturally don’t typically hail the World Health Organization, this video expresses the experience of depression very well (in our opinion).

Everyone should watch out for this black dog named depression who follows millions of people with depression around every year.

Depression symptoms can be treatable without medication if you are willing and able to try things like regular exercise, dietary intervention, clinical nutrition, and surrounding yourself with solid support.  Though it isn’t always easy, it is possible.

The black dog named depression that follows you around can go away.  There is hope.  There are options.  Regular exercise, while hard to start, can be ultimately rewarding mentally, emotionally and physically.  Add to that proper nutrition, getting plenty of rest, surrounding yourself with the company of supportive loved ones and you have a recipe for success.
Yes, there are those who need chemical intervention.  But our society quickly resorts to mediating when it is clear that many people who suffer from mood disorders or mental illness can be helped naturally through non medicinal means.
If you or someone close to you suffers from depression, this video can help you understand what depression can be like, and give you natural ideas for overcoming it without drugs or medications.  Before you take synthetic chemicals, give your body and mind a chance to correct itself and get balanced, naturally.  Explore our site to learn more about healing naturally.
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