My Son’s Experience Using Micronutrients To Improve Mood, Aggression

Shared by J. M., Mom, Seattle, WA

“I am sharing this story in case there are other parents out there who are struggling with a child who exhibits aggressive, irrational behavior on a regular basis.  If anyone is looking for a research-backed alternative to meds that addresses the root cause, then read on.

My oldest son is 7 years old and he is incredible.  He is super smart, passionate, talented and an all-around impressive kid.  I get compliments from people all the time about how bright he is, and how far he’ll go in life.  This picture is of him on the first day of first grade last year.micronutrients, adhd treatment, natural adhd treatment, daily essential nutrients, hardy nutritionals

Even though he has great manners in public and is beyond intelligent, every day at home he was a totally different person.  Especially when he didn’t get his way, regardless of my exhaustive efforts at good parenting.  He would freak out about the littlest things every day.  Getting him to take a bath or brush his teeth or change his clothes was like World War III.  Anytime I wanted to clip his fingernails, or help him with homework, I had to literally chase him around the house and talk him into it using repetitive logic for over an hour.

Consequences didn’t phase him, he just didn’t really seem to care about anything unless it interested him.  If I told him he was grounded or I was taking away a privilege, he would just shrug and say he didn’t care.  I have already gone through the process of blaming myself, blaming his father’s absence, reading tons of self-help books, going to play therapy with him, and seeing several different types of healthcare professionals for help.

I am not a “holistic person” by any means, but I am also not the type of person to medicate my child with stimulants.  I use western medicine in basically every other way in my life and my kids’ lives.  We vaccinate (though we wait until they are a little order to be safer), we use antibiotics when necessary, we go to a “normal” pediatrician.  But when it comes to mental health medications, especially the ones our doctor recommended, like Ritalin and Adderall, I really don’t feel comfortable using them on a child. So, I set out to see if there was an alternative with actual research behind it and found Hardy Nutritionals.

Unlike popular MLM or drugstore multivitamin supplements, the formulation found in Hardy’s Daily Essential Nutrients has been researched at Harvard and 18 other universities for pediatric and adult ADHD, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, and is designed to address the behaviors my son was exhibiting, and so I ordered it from and got it two days later.  The problem was,  I thought it came in capsules at the time (I didn’t know they had a powder mix).  I figured I could spend 5 hours a day trying to get him to swallow capsules (which he has never even tried in his life out of some fear that stems from who knows where), or I could try and make his micronutrients into a semi-tasty treat that he can tolerate and try to use it as a reward for good behavior that hopefully perpetuates itself.

new den label vegan 360You can’t bake or cook the micronutrients into food, according to the nice lady I talked to on Hardy Nutritionals’ chat page.  So I went the smoothie route, we call them shakes at our house.  I also later found out that Daily Essential Nutrients now comes in a new powder form as well as the capsules, and the powder is really easy to mix with chocolate milk, milk, applesauce or a shot glass of flavored coffee creamer for more of a “treat” and tastes way better than opening up the caps.

Before I knew about the powder form, I tried for a week to make a smoothie out of the opened capsules that tasted like a delicious shake with literally no hint of grit or vitamin taste or chalkiness.  The first few tries were without yogurt, which turned out to be an important addition.  Then I increased the amount of milk (we use almond milk or cashew milk) and that really helped.  That was a huge victory to find a tastier way for my son to get this level of clinical micronutrition so as a fellow mom, I wanted to share it with you because it has been a life saver for us for going on seven months now.

We have gone from spending hours a day trying to get him to do “normal” stuff to an organized reward system that works.  He is calm, but not drugged. He is focused and understanding about his consequences.  He doesn’t throw himself down on the floor anymore, he pauses and takes a breath instead.  He sleeps through the night.  He puts legos together without throwing a fit when they don’t “work”.  He is nicer to his brother, and kinder to our family cat.  He is doing even better in school, speaking out of turn less.  It is amazing–he even apologizes when he starts to overreact.  He literally stops himself and says “Sorry, I was overreacting.”

And he likes the shakes, especially since we found out Daily Essential Nutrients now comes in a smoothie powder form as well.  When we just mix a scoop of their powder with 3 ounces of flavored coffee creamer, it is a quick, tasty and easy way to get him 40 essential elements.  The dosage on the bottle says he needs to take 3 scoops a day, so we do 1.5 scoops in the morning before school and 1.5 as soon as he gets home from school, before he gets to play or have free time.

 I have found that the best way to get him to take the Daily Essential Nutreints is by making a “shot glass” amount of flavored coffee creamer and mixing in the 1.5 scoops powder. I sometimes also make larger, healthier smoothies by adding the Daily Essential Nutrients powder to some Greek Yogurt, frozen fruit (no sugar added), 1-2 cups of almond milk (or regular milk), and 1 banana and mix it in the blender.  If you add organic Agave, it tastes a lot like a Jamba Juice drink.  I have actually gone to Jamba Juice and ordered a small drink for him there and mixed the powder in as well, and that has worked, especially when traveling.

As for longer term results, his behavior started noticeably calming after day two, and has continually gotten better over time.  We really notice when he misses a few doses, because when he doesn’t take it, we really notice his behavior regression.   There are more recipes that we have tried available here, if you want to try and experiment with this yourself.15-off-coupon-ad

Update:  I recently found out that Hardy Nutritionals also formulates a micronutrient product called Daily Self Defense that is considerably less expensive and also safe for kids and adults.  It’s similar to Daily Essential Nutrients, but in a lower dose with a few other differences.  This may help those who can’t afford the $129 price tag, though I feel it is worth every penny to have the full clinical dose of Daily Essential Nutrients if you can afford it.  We are forever grateful to Hardy Nutritionals for their role in bringing peace back into our home.”

The Research Behind Hardy Nutritionals Daily Essential Nutrients:

Daily Essential Nutrients has been thoroughly researched for mood stability and mental health.  ALL of the research has been done at universities and funded by third parties, which is an important fact to consider.

This well-known Integrative Psychiatrist and author of the popular book “Please Don’t Label My Child” has been using Hardy’s formulations for over 16 years with patients and says that 97% of them never end up needing medications and get better without much help from him, simply taking the Daily Essential Nutrients.  Watch as he describes his clinical experience with micronutrition.

See this feature from NewsHub which highlights research on DEN done in New Zealand on pediatric ADHD:

Hardy Nutritionals® formulations were recently featured on Modern Living With Kathy Ireland®, where several psychiatrists and their patients were interviewed and shared their experiences with Daily Essential Nutrients (below):

Consider this 5 minute video explanation on nutrient deficiencies from Hardy Nutritionals® founder David Hardy (below):

To learn more, visit the Hardy Nutritionals® website.

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  1. Val says:

    Hy I have red your story I would love to try this for my son but he is currently on adderall so I wanted to know …do I stop the medication or ween him down while doing the vitamins? Thank you

    1. You would want to ween him down with the help of your son’s doctor. Learn more at

  2. Thanks for your comment. Many people start on the Daily Essential Nutrients and slowly increase it and at the same time slowly ween off the meds. You can learn more at or by calling Hardy Nutritionals at 855-955-1114. Good luck to you! Please keep us posted on results!

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