Alternative Treatment for PMDD

She Tried Just About Everything for PMDD – Until She Found Daily Self Defense.


We sat down with Stacey, who has PMDD, and uses Hardy Nutritionals® micronutrient formulation, called Daily Self Defense™ for Women.

What made you try using micronutrients for your PMDD?  I was on a Facebook page called PMDD Girl. A women there posted about Daily Self Defense™. I had tried everything so I was up for giving it a go.

What else have you tried that didn’t work?  I had been on Anti-Depressants for 5 years prior.  Having PMDD and not knowing that a permanent form of birth control device I had implanted, was exasperating the issue. The anti-Depressants worked for a few years, but then they had the opposite effect.

What else do you use in conjunction with Daily Self Defense™ for WomenNothing, I use this as my main vitamin supplement.

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Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Self Defense™: $39 for 180 capsules

Do you notice any changes in behavior while taking Daily Self Defense™ for Women?  Definitely!! I had a hysterectomy in 2014 to be rid of the birth control device. I had to keep my ovaries. At that time I thought they would settle down and that my PMDD would go away. But it did not. About 8 months later, I heard about Hardy Nutritionals® Daily Self Defense™, and gave it a shot. Within the first month, I noticed a drastic lift in my mood swings. I was more balanced, less prone to emotional outbursts during the cycle time of the month (I still have ovaries, so I still had the hormone issues). When I go without taking Daily Self Defense™, I notice a BIG change! My dark moods come back and I really have to make an effort to control my anger and emotions. I REALLY hate going without it. 🙁

What would you say to other women suffering with PMDD who haven’t tried Daily Self Defense™?  At this point, if you have PMDD, I would assume you have tried almost everything by now. Taking the chance on ONE more option was the BEST thing I did.

I was tired of the meds, the vitamins, where you have to take 6-15 pills a day (even though they worked). If you are desperate like I was, give it a shot. I noticed even after 1 month an improvement, taking 4 a day. And the more I used it, the better the improvement. It got to the point that my emotional roller coaster stopped. And I really had to think…Wow, when was the last time I broke down because of PMDD? How awesome is that? I really couldn’t remember! If I forget to order and have to go without it, I SO notice it! The emotions and anger issues come running back. I highly recommend this to anyone with PMDD. Hey, what have you got to lose?

Hardy Nutritionals® also offers a more potent supplement called Daily Essential Nutrients.  You can read reviews from doctors and customers here.

Daily Self Defense™ is available for both men and women.  Learn more at Nutritionals® micronutrient formulations were featured on Access Health.

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